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Working 10 hours a day building houses doesn’t seem like the typical road to success that a comedian takes. But it's in this world of hard work and nightclubs that Mike Earley came upon an idea that would take him there.

Working with his hands to make a living while moonlighting as a standup comic, a video of him performing began circling the corporate offices of the company he was an employee of, Carpentry Contractors Co.. Always looking for new employees,  the founder approached him with an interest in working together to promote the company.

Seeing the opportunity to do something, the gears started turning. Using the jokes he had developed working outdoors in subarctic temperatures, he began translating his live routine into a script that portrayed what the job was like in an effort to both entertain people and educate prospective employees. The eventual release was entitled simply, "Framing Houses in Minnesota".

The result was one that nobody anticipated. Within the first 24 hours the video went viral, getting to the top of major social media sites and gathering tens of thousands of views. Within a week it had received international press.

Each of the following four videos received comparable success, grossing millions of views on Youtube and Facebook, earning the company thousands of longstanding subscribers, likes, and follows. To this day, thousands of people watch them every week.

Now a professional comedian, Mike has refined his comedic talent working alongside some of the top comics in the country. With the ability to extract things unique to a specific role or company and convey it to a much broader audience, his work can be used to attract prospective employees, clients, and build unity within an organization.

If you're disappointed by large radio ad pushes or the corniness of the options available, there's massive opportunity to do it differently. Mike can provide quality content for use on your companies pre-existing social media pages, along with tools to help with it's release for a fraction of the cost of using marketing firms and local ad services.

To inquire further about creating a video that can be used to meet your companies needs, please press the button above or connect with me on Linkedin.

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