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Mike Earley



Born at a very young age, Mike Earley has made some noteworthy progress since those early days. Growing up in Minnesota, he was born in St. Paul, eventually moving to the suburb of Woodbury. Mike was a quiet kid in school depending on who you ask, but if you ask me, he was quiet. Given his introverted characteristics, when it came time to speak in front of the class, his natural gift to make people laugh came out. Although these engagements were few and far between, they were the initial experiences that prompted him into standup comedy.

Since his first performance in 2009, he has been writing and performing comedy for over a decade. With an experience that spans a spectrum of clubs, theaters, colleges, bars, organizations, corporate events, and the grand opening of a Woman's Fitness Center, Mike has entertained audiences of all backgrounds, finding only the occasional need to shock and disgust crowds for effect. Mike has become a prominent talent on both the national comedy club circuit and digitally after achieving viral status with his series of videos about framing houses. He can be seen regularly at the Comedy Cellar in NYC where he currently is based out of and at Acme Comedy Club in his home state of Minnesota.

“Earley's ability to discuss anything from sexting to bullying with a disarming sense of honesty and self-awareness has made him chameleon-like, attracting audiences of all kinds.”
- Patrick Strait, City Pages Magazine
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