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Frequently Asked Questions

How did you start doing this?

I was 19 at the time and my grandma told me about a cl...

Yeah I've always wanted to try it.

Oh cool. Yeah if you want to give it a shot you should give it a tr...

Were you nervous? I bet you were nervous. I'd be so nervous.

Yeah the first time I did it and well into the second or third year or so I was really ner...

I'd be so nervous. Man. I couldn't even imagine. I'm funny around my friends but when it comes to making an act that takes something else. Where do you get your material?

Yeah. A lot of it comes from just writing stuff down I think is funny. Some of it just sort of comes up as...

I bet you're getting so much material right now from me.

Well. Not really.

Who are some of your favorite comed... Oh crap. Is that my Uber?

Oh. I don't know. It's a black SUV so probably.

Oh yeah that's my Uber. Nice meeting you. Keep up the good work.

Will do. Nice to meet you too.

For additional questions, including booking, contact me at or on any of the social media platforms below.


Keep up the good work. My Uber just showed up.

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